Welcome to CARN Praxis

A new concept in publishing, designed as a collaborative and supportive space for newcomers to share their accounts of undertaking Action Research

The Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN) aims to “encourage and support action research projects (personal, local, national and international), accessible accounts of action research projects, and contributions to the theory and methodology of action research.” As part of our strategy for achieving this aim, we are introducing this new publication in order to:

  • acknowledge and celebrate the work of practitioner action researchers
  • provide a supportive space for sharing and learning together about action research
  • provide an entry-point to publication, which may support people in their journey to more academic journal publication
  • provide rich authentic accounts of practitioner action research

This is an invitation to anyone involved in action research to share their accounts with readers in full digital format. CARN Praxis welcomes accounts of and about action research conducted by practitioners.  We encourage and support those new to publication to utilise all forms of multimedia expression and dissemination. The international audience for CARN Praxis is interested in approaches to action research and methods, across a wide range of settings and locations. 

Who might publish in CARN Praxis?

CARN Praxis welcomes accounts of action research conducted by practitioners.  It is an opportunity for those action researchers who may be new to presenting or publishing their accounts of and about action research and would welcome working collaboratively with an editorial team to share their insights into the action research process.

We anticipate it will appeal to action researchers from all settings (including education, healthcare, social work and community development).

We aim to provide support for practitioners who are not primarily employed in academic roles.

For some, this may be an initial step towards publication in a peer-reviewed journal. However, for others, this will be the platform of choice on which to share good quality accounts of practice-based action research. By “writing” for this network you will have the opportunity to refine your ideas and disseminate to the field.

Who might read CARN Praxis?

The audience for CARN Praxis comprises those interested in understanding how practitioners might use action research approaches to improve their practices.  The practitioner audience will value honest, real-world accounts of action research activities that were more and less successful; and which will help practitioners learn about relatable action research approaches and activities that might be adaptable to different settings around the world. 

What makes CARN Praxis different to other forms of publication?

  • Articles normally shorter than in many other journals (normally up to 4000 words)
  • Multimedia submissions welcomed
  • Open, supportive and peer-to-peer review and editorial process (read more here), aimed at supporting and enabling publication.
  • Focuses on critical, self-reflections and the sharing of learning through action research (rather than extensive literature reviews or methodological arguments)

You can find information about how to submit your own work for publication here, and recent publications on this page.