Editorial procedures

As a supportive and democratic process, we have developed an editorial practice that enables editors to work with authors in a mutually supportive way. While there is a core editorial panel, a supplementary panel of reviewers will be drawn from the growing group of published authors, and the wider membership of CARN.

The founding, core editors of the journal are:

Dr Andy Convery, UK.

Dr Una Hanley, UK.

Dr Mary McAteer, Ireland.

Prof Jane Springett, Canada

  • The journal will work with open panels of volunteer moderators, in the first instance.
  • The writers of successful submissions will be invited to join an open reviewing panel at a future date.
  • The reviewing panel will normally have 3 members, but members of the panel will vary from session to session. 
  • All panel members will be named.
  • Preferably, the members of the panel will be at different stages in their reviewing experience. 

  • The panel, collectively, makes decisions about the submission, with the core editorial team making the final decision. 
  • Initial acknowledgement and information is provided by the editor within six weeks of receiving your contribution.
  • If the article is accepted, once the amendments have been made, the editor will work on a final edit. We may make minor alterations ourselves and the final version will be sent to you for checking before it goes to print.

Contributions in the form of word documents, should be sent to: info@carn.org.uk , with CARNPraxis as the email header.    We are happy to discuss ideas with potential contributors before they submit a piece.

Please consult the submission checklist prior to submitting your work, and ensure that you have completed all the requirements.


Authors usually give the copyright to CARN Praxis on the understanding that the journal can be freely copied by readers for educational purposes.