Please send any queries you may have directly to info@carn.org, or contact us via our twitter feed @CARN_Intl. We will respond to you personally, and where appropriate, also post the Q and A here.

Q: Do I need to be a member of CARN to publish in CARN Praxis?

A: No! As an inclusive network, we welcome contributions from any practitioners engaged in action research. You may decide to join CARN though, for more networking opportunities! Details here: https://www.carn.org.uk/network/membership/

Q: Can I submit my article anywhere else at the same time?

A: It is generally considered poor academic etiquette to submit your work to multiple sites, so we would ask that when you submit to us, you do not submit elsewhere at that stage, or at any stage throughout the review process. If you decide you would prefer to submit elsewhere, you must contact us at info@carn.org and formally request to withdraw your submission from our journal.

Q: Will the journal be publicly and freely available?

A: Yes it will be freely and openly available via our weblink. You may share this freely with friends and colleagues, and through social media outlets.

Q: How will people find the journal?

A: We will advertise the journal in a number of ways:

  1. via the CARN website resources tab, https://www.carn.org.uk/
  2. via our twitter feed @CARN_Intl
  3. via the CARN email list
  4. via our other professional and network links such as @infoneari, @arnaresearch, @alaraevents, @ccc_pathways etc
  5. via YOU! We hope you choose to share the information widely and freely.

Q: Will the journal be listed on any academic metric sites?

A: No. This publication will not be assessed by external metrics.

Q: Is there a current call for contributions?

A: Yes! We accept contributions at all times, and update our site when they are accepted. They will be accessible to readers then. Twice yearly, we collate accepted pieces into an Issue.

Q: How long does it take between submission and publication?

A: We aim to make an initial response to your submission within 6 weeks. After this, the speed will depend on the nature and timing of the responses required. Our intention is to make this as speedy a process as possible through working openly and collaboratively with authors and editorial colleagues.

Q: Can I see an example of accepted pieces, both text-based and multimedia?

A: Once pieces are accepted, they will be openly available here. However, we welcome discussions in advance of your submissions, via info@carn.org

We will add to our list of FAQs as we receive more queries: See below.

Q: Why are you inviting those who publish in the journal to join a review panel? Surely this is unusual in academic journals?

A: We want your submissions to be authentic and meaningful accounts of your professional learning through engaging in practitioner action research. For this reason, we are aiming in time, to include at least one practitioner on each review panel. This will help us develop a collaborative community of enquiry and learning. co-constructing and sharing our learning from and through action research. We hope that our contributors will be happy to work in this way, and see it as an enactment of our democratic values.